Raw Food

What is meatpoint.io?

meatpoint.io is an automated science-grade BARF calculator.
Our MPD (Meatpoint Diet) BARF formulas provide complete calculations for nutritionally balanced raw diets. Recipes are carefully prepared based on specific nutrient requirements from NRC, FEDIAF & AAFCO's guidelines.
Ingredient data comes from official US, European and Australian food databases supplemented with some science papers and data from supplement manufacturers.

For whom?

meatpoint.io delivers online BARF calculators for:

  • Cat keepers (demo)
    • adult cats (low/average/high activity; slim/overweight)
    • kittens
    • pregnant & lactating queens
  • Dietitians, dogs & cats
  • (in preparation: calc for dog keepers)

Cat keepers can easily and safely balance BARF diets for healthy cats while animal nutritionists can use unlimited features of dietitian calculator. We work on calc for dog keepers which will be launched in 2023.
Checkout our subscription offering.

As someone preparing the diet please be aware that meatpoint.io solves completely the balancing part. Learning materials for the physical part of the work related to BARF mixture preparation are yet to come.


  • browser application available on any device - where you are, when you are
  • high safety, algorithm won't present a potentially harmful recipe (MPD audits each result before displaying it)
  • cat diet history in one place

Just check it

Try out our functionalities without registration with predefined pets and supplement sets to see how it works - BARF Calculator. Some ingredients' weights are hidden without an active subscription.

Tested by cats

The application is comercially available since mid-2021, positively recognised by pet keepers and dietetitians. Just take a look at our fanpage and user group. Current content is in Polish but don't hesitate to use English there!