Daily diet
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What is meatpoint.io?

Meatpoint.io provides complete calculations for nutritionally balanced raw diets. Ingredients and their proportions are carefully prepared based on the current state of scientific knowledge on nutrient requirements of cats.
Such complete diet is a mixture of ground meat and offal ingredients mixed with supplements. A mixture made from a recipe is usually prepared for feeding for 2+ weeks and daily or weekly portions are being frozen.

For whom?

Application was prepared for healthy cats' diets. You can get energy requirements and nutrient needs of:

  • adult cats (low/average/high activity; slim/overweight)
  • kittens
  • pregnant & lactating queens
As a diet cook please be aware that meatpoint.io solves completely tha balancing part. Currently we don't provide learning materials for the physical part of the work.


  • web application available on any device - where you are, when you are
  • high safety, algorithm won't present a potentially harmful recipe
  • cat diet history in one place

Just check it

Try out our functionalities after a free registration. You'll get an access to the limited version of the calculator to see how it works. You could see full meat & supplements lists available with a subscription.

Tested by cats

The application is being tested by our early access group. We've received only positive feedback!